All equipment list:


   -  1x Apple PowerMac G5 Quadcore DAW with Cubase LE,
LogicAudio, Digital Performer and Final Cut Studio 2
     ·  8GB of DDR2 SDRAM standard (configurable to 32GB)
        ·   16X DVDRW
        ·  1.32TB storage space (1x 320GB, 2x 500GB 7200 RPM drives)
        ·  23"Cinema Display
        ·  1x Magma 4 Slot PCIx to PCI Expansion System for outboard
gear like Universal Audio UAD1 and other pci boards
        ·  3x UAD1 Ultrapack Universal Audio Powered Plugin Cards
        ·  1x Motu PCI424 core card for Motu AD/DA converters
        ·  1x Motu 24 I/O AD/DA converter
        ·  1x Motu HD 192 AD/DA converter
        ·  1x Mackie control universal

-  1x P4 Dual Core 2160 (1.80Ghz) DAW & recording rig
     ·   2gb DDR2
     ·   16X DVDRW
     ·   17" Widescreen LCD
     ·   250gb S-ATA HDD
     ·   Windows XP professional
     ·   Nuendo with PRESONUS FADERPORT, complete recording
transport control, touch sensitive, long throw motorized fader, write
single channel or group channel automation, pan control, mute,
solo, record enable, quick window selection (edit, mix,transport)
     ·   1x UAD1 Ultrapack Universal Audio Powered Plugin Cards
        ·   1x Magma 4 Slot PCI to PCI Expansion System for outboard
gear like Universal Audio UAD1 and other pci boards
       ·  2x  Lynx Studio AES16 PCI  card for the most powerfull and
clean patching with our 8 Universal Audio 2192 Audio Interface

     1x Amek TAC Bullet Custom -16 inputs mono, 4 in stereo,
6 auxs, 8 sub groups
     1x  Tac Amek Scorpio – 36/4/8/2, vintage

     1x Tascam DA-30 Mk II DAT Recorder

     1pair Yamaha NS10 T 2way nearfield monitor
            1pair Tannoy REVEAL 6D Active blue
     1pair Tannoy REVEAL red
     1pair RADIAN Research custom 3way mid field monitor
     1pair SABA Professional 1300 vintage 3way main monitor

     5x Sennheiser MD 421 Cardioid Dynamics
     1x Studio Projects T3 “Large Cap" Multi-pattern Condenser
     1x Rode  K2 Precision Variable Pattern Dual 1” Condenser
Valve Microphone:
     2x Rode NT55 1/2" Cardioid Condenser Microphone
     6x Shure SM-57 Cardioid Dynamics with Tab-Funkenwerk
     1x AKG D-112 Cardioid Dynamic
     1x Shure Beta 52
     2x AKG C 1000S condenser
     Oktava microphones:
     2x MK-319,
     2x MK-012 6 multipatern capsules matched pair
     1x ML-52 ribbon
     1x neumann CMV 563 vintage (2 capsule m7, m55k),

Headphones & Distribution:
     1x SONY MDR 7506 studio
     5x AKG K-171 Studio stereo headphones - dynamic,
     1x Ultrasone PRO 550 drummer headphones - dynamic,
     3x Presonus HP4 headphone distribution amplifier
     1x Furman HRM-16 remote mixer headphone mixing
matrix supplying individual 8 channel mixing to Studio musicians
     1x Furman HDS-16 headphone / audio distribution and mixing
station, 8 mono and 4 stereo signals to remote mixing

Mic Preamps:
     2x Universal Audio LA-610. High-end vintage
pre-amp/compressor/limiter combination of the classic all-tube
designed 610 pre-amp and the T4 opto-compressor
(the heart of the Teletronix LA-2A), 48V phantom power, switchable
impedance (500/2kohm), bass and treble EQ and DI-input.
     1x JoeMeek Twin - channelstrip with compressor, EQ, VU meter,
mic/line/instrument input, 48V phantom power, pad, HPF and
phase reverse switch.
     1x MindPrint EN-VOICE Tube Voice Channel
     1x SPL Goldmike 2-channel Class A tube preamp, 48V
phantom power, phase reverse, pad, flair switch
     2x Universal Audio LA-610
"Vintage"-compressor (Peak Sensing Type), Limiter, Expander or
Noise Gate for drums
     4x UAD1 Ultrapack Universal Audio Powered Plugin

     UAD1 Ultrapack Universal Audio Powered Plugin delays,
     1x Soundcraft vintage delay
     1x Lexicon PCM 91
     1x TC Electronic M-ONE XL - dual-effects processor
     1x Lexicon MX200 stereo effects processor - 2 independent
internal processors, 24bit converter, VST plug-in architecture
with USB interface
     1x Great River MAQ-2NV mastering eq
A/D-D/A Converters & studio monitoring interfaces:
     8x Universal Audio 2192, High-End Dual Channel AD/DA
converter 24Bit/192kHz in conjuction with Lynx StudioAES16 PCI
     1x Presonus FP 10 8channel AD/DA
     1x MOTU HD 192,12 channel 24-bit,192-kHz AD/DA converter
     1x Presonus Central Station with PRESONUS CSR-1
remote-studio monitoring interface with passive audio path
(no op amps or IC's in main audio path), five stereo inputs
(2x digital and 3x analog), 24bit/192kHz DAC

2-Track Recorders/Players:
     1x Natural Sound series Yamaha cassette deck
     1x Tascam BR20 Master Downmix Reel-to-Reel tape recorder
which gives the final sound for LP or CD multiplications

Minidisc Recorders & CD Players:
     1x TASCAM MiniDisc-CD1 MKII,CD combo deck, MP3 file

Power conditioner:
     1x Furman M1500-UPS-PFP Programmable UPS
     1x Thomann Dinopower voltage regulator

Available instruments,keyboards & instrument amplifiers:
     - Yamaha Motif 8
     - CME UF7 Midi VST instruments controller with onboard firewire
            - Many,many processing software and software instruments
including Celemony Melodyne,Drumagog,TC, Waves,SSL,UAD
plugins,Spectrasonics complete package,Viena Instruments
Symphonic Library,B3 hammonds, Real Guitar, Lounge Lizard
EP-3 electric pianos,
     - Roland Fantom XR sampler module
     - Solton Twinjet leslie keyboard & bass amplifier
     - Laney Linebacker guitar amplifier
     - Peavey RAGE guitar amplifier
     - Yamaha JX series 35 guitar amplifier
     - Roland Jazzmaster guitar amplifier
     - VOX AD100VTH head amp & V412BK cabinet
     - Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II  bass amp head & MAG410T
bass cabinet - 4x 10"
     - Lem G100 vintage guitar amplifier

Because of rental causes, only at clients request we can bring
at the studio:
- FENDER BANDMASTER Amp head & 2pcs.of 2x12 speakers
black panel vintage 1960'S
- MARSHALL JCM 800 half stack vintage 1986 in red
- Trace Elliot Speed Twin Guitar Amp Series head & 4x12 cabinet